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What is Digital Printing? Short-Runs, Quick Turn-Arounds, etc. If your quantities are small, if you need a quick turnaround, and/or you’ve got a tight budget, we sometimes recommend printing it “Digital”. Digital-Printing is often the best and most cost-effective way to go. The quality is still very good, but there is much less setup associated with […]

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What is Offset Printing? Catalogs, Posters, Brochures, Packaging, Marketing Materials, etc. For large quantity runs that are of the highest quality, we recommend Offset Printing as the method to use. With Offset Printing, there are many different print techniques we can use to enhance the appeal and quality of your items. Our Offset Print Facility is […]

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What is UV Printing? UV printing is different from conventional printing in many ways. It is still ink on paper but the ink dries through a completely different process. Instead of having solvents in the ink that evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper, UV inks dry through a photomechanical process. When the […]

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Ace Commercial has all the necessary equipment and expertise in all existing forms of binding and post-printing processes. This allows us to meet all of our customer’s needs, whatever they may be. We possess extensive research into various printing methods which includes a patent for reverse saddle-stitching and other methods to make various oversized books. […]

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